The Story of the Eastern Red Wolf:


In 1980, nearly 20 Eastern Red Wolves were brought into a captive breeding program after being hunted to the brink of extinction.Then, in 1987, the FWS "reintroduced red wolves into the wild, but years of political attacks, popular misconceptions and insufficient recovery plans continue to plague recovery efforts. As a result, their numbers continue to decline and red wolves are once again facing extinction in the wild." Because of our inability to coexist with other creatures, we risk losing them altogether. Predators play a key ecological role, and it is important that we do not undervalue their purpose.

The Eastern Red wolf is now only found on a peninsula in eastern North Carolina and is considered critically endangered



** 20% of the proceeds from this piece will go to the North Carolina Conservation Network **



handmade out of salvaged copper sheet, chain made out of reclaimed copper electric wire



pendant, 3.5 x 1.8"

chain length, 16.25"

Eastern Redwolf Necklace